10000 Russos - 10000 Russos

10000 Russos
10000 Russos

A six track / 43 minutes long obscure and stomping mantra, their self-titled LP was entirely written and recorded inside an abandoned 1980s shopping mall, where escalators have been out of order for the last fifteen years and the only source of light are some plastic Swedish designed / Chinese made bulbs.

In opposition to most of their peers, 10,000 Russos have concentrated on creating soundscapes of the subconscious. The working environment has been fundamental to the flow of their long, obscure urban jams. Recalling the savage and repetitive progressions of Neu! and the longest and grimmest drones of Suicide, the marching heart-beat in the background gives the music the stomp of a solemn drumming ritual across the wastelands of the mind.

Fuzz Club


20. mai 2015
Katalognr. FC23V12
EAN 5024545719321
PPD 100,-


20. mai 2015
Katalognr. FC23CD
EAN 5024545715712
PPD 75,-
1. Karl Burns
3. Baden Baden Baden
4. Barreiro
5. Shtakhanovets
6. Kamulet

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