Alpine Those Myriads - Psyche

Alpine Those Myriads

Back in 2012, Alpine Those Myriads was a three-piece unit consisting of Gypus

Chelofan(vocals, drums & keys), The Marble King(guitars) and Addo Tesla(bass &
In early 2013, Gypus Chelofan and his players released Alpine Those Myriads'
third album "Psyche" which presented a radical shift in sound and approach.
Glittery fuzzed-out-glam, Psych-rock laced with bizarre time-signatures, thick
gloomy ballads and shots of avant-blues were cooked into a potent kaleidoscopic
“Psyche” is a heavy, intimate and multicoloured piece that injects itself into the
spine and from there, travels on a wild expedition deep into the human psyché.
Badsoundsmagazine wrote about the album: "So many details, so much beauty to
go digging for.".

See Hear Feel Smell


30. jan. 2013
Katalognr. SHFS003
PPD 115,-

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