Alpine Those Myriads - Visions & Disorders

Alpine Those Myriads
Visions & Disorders

Alpine Those Myriads is a Norwegian musical project that currently consists of Gypus Chelofan.

The latest album "Visions & Disorders" is a dark and surreal “auditory film” containing eight different plots that fall into the terms: a vision or a disorder…but sometimes both. It's a 100% electronic love affair, besides Chelofan's voice and a reoccuring church organ, that continues Alpine Those Myriads' thirst to ruthlessly mash together musical genres like glitch, psychedelic electronica, drone, musique concrete, classical and avantrock - to harness those contrasts and to re-define traditional song structures and sequences. A single man hauling a ship over a humongous mountain might illustrate the scope of Alpine Those Myriads' fourth album. "Visions & Disorders" was written, performed, recorded, produced & mixed solely by Gypus Chelofan.



07. okt. 2017
Katalognr. SHFS006
PPD 115,-
1. Nocturnal Hysteria pt. 1
2. Mail Order Doom (WHWGH)
3. Milk The Peacock
4. Lost In My Cocoon
5. An Opus So Far In
6. Trans-Atlantic Ache
7. Nocturnal Hysteria pt. 2
8. An Archetype

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