Dreadful Fate
The Sin of Sodom

• Ex-members from Merciless, Portrait, Destroyer 666 & Entombed.
• Demo version sold out immediately upon release
• Band is already being booked for several big international festivals in Europe for 2018.

A-sided MLP lim 500 copies w/ huge double sided full color poster-cover Edged Circle Productions is proud to present Dreadful Fate's debut recording, The Sin of Sodom, on 12" vinyl. Originally released on cassette earlier this summer, The Sin of Sodom quickly sold out its initial pressing - and immediately upon pressing "play," it's fucking easy to hear why! Aptly titled, The Sin of Sodom is a raucous 'n' ripping blast of classic Teutonic thrash. Whether you want to call it "blackthrash" or "early Sodom worship" or whatever, it matters not to Dreadful Fate: these four not-so-gentlemen - Bestial on vocals, Total Destruction on bass, Death Ripper on guitars, and Corpse Skelethor on drums - may obscure their identities, but they certainly don't obscure their intent to raze souls for Hell's rock 'n' roll. As catchy as it is cantankerous, The Sin of Sodom is a full 12 inches of heavy metal powerload, fittingly concluded with a faithful cover of Kreator's "Tormentor." Never repent before Dreadful Fate's The Sin of Sodom!

Edged Circle Productions


20. des. 2017
Katalognr: EDGE018
EAN 7041889505807
PPD 65,-
1. The Sin of Sodom
2. Unholy Lust
3. Tormentor (KREATOR cover)

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