Summer Sessions #4: A Circle Squared

The final chapter in Elektrodiesel’s “Summer Sessions” tetralogy is available in a limited edition of 234 copies, including LP pressed on 180 gram black vinyl, CD with bonus tracks, download card for all tracks, and folded insert, all housed in a screen printed sleeve.

A super limited “blackened” edition of only 16 copies is also available, featuring screen printed black on black sleeve and extra bonus CD-R with the remaining tracks from the session.

Synesthetic Recordings


27. okt. 2017
Katalognr: SYRE044
PPD 125,-
  1. 4.1
  2. 4.2
  3. 4.3 (CD Bonus Track)
  4. 4.4 (CD Bonus Track)
  5. 4.5 (CD-R Bonus Track)
  6. 4.6 (CD-R Bonus Track)

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