Insane - Evil


Formed 2009 in Wermland, Sweden, thrash / speed metal fourpiece INSANE have made their mark on the underground with several EP, demo and split releases, as well as performing a string of shows in both Denmark, Norway and their native Sweden. In 2013 the MLP Interment Of Life was released and now the full-length debut, Evil is ready. INSANE has developed a sound which is best described as ripping drumbeats combined with evil riffs and raspy, angry vocals delivering hatred upon the injustice in our world. A hefty brew of thrash, speed and heavy metal, Evil is a lot more than merely yet another oldschool release, and a fine addition to Duplicate's already high quality roster.

Duplicate Records


10. jun. 2017
Katalognr. DUPLO71LP
PPD 100,-
1. Ritualistic Death
2. Spiritual Possession
3. Persecuted By Evil
4. Death March
5. Obsessed By Vengeance
6. Evil
7. Dark Internal
8. Human Waste
9. Servants Of The Cemetery

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