Jessica Sligter - Polycrisis:yes!

Jessica Sligter

Polycrisis:yes!, the fourth solo release of artist/producer Jessica Sligter, is everything you'd expect: a simultaneously thrilling and challenging exploration of genre-bending, deconstruction, and conceptual art. In a futuristic landscape of collapsed European identity, where personal and inter/national politics have merged into a toxic love affair, Polycrisis:yes! mixes crooner and experimental musics in a 'noir' conceptual space. Austere abstract electronics are juxtaposed with a dramatic expression reminiscent of operette. Her third to be produced solely by herself, this album was also mixed by Sligter in collaboration with colleague Kyrre Låstad, proving her proficiency behind the scenes to anyone still in doubt.

Besides her work as a composer for various ensembles, and in collaboration with for instance composer and percussionist Sarah Hennies, Sligter makes the gear-talk podcast Nuts And Bolts, which is published by The Quietus.

Presse på forrige album "A Sense Of Growth" (2016)

The Wire, UK: "this is songwriting and arrangment of rare invention"

Uncut, UK: "a fluid, compelling, and boldly imaginative piece of work”

Butler & Butler


28. sep. 2018
Katalognr. BABCD001
EAN 7041889506743
PPD 70,-
1. The Finest Hour
2. The Dream Has Died
3. The Great Unveiling
4. The Endless End
5. The State Of The Union
6. Solidarity Corp (Part 1)
7. Solidarity Corp (Part 2)
8. Krinein / collapsus-com

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