Kurt Liedwart / Andrey Popovskiy / Martin Taxt - Hjem

Kurt Liedwart / Andrey Popovskiy / Martin Taxt

Mikroton Recordings is proud to present a full length release from three masters of quiet sound. Martin Taxt is a Norwegian musician who plays tuba and runs Sofa label, Andrey Popovskiy hails from Saint Petersburg and plays violin with objects, Kurt Liedwart plays ppooll using mostly sinewaves and quiet noises and one can notice his current transition to a more noise oriented sound.

This trio found together during Taxt’s stay in Moscow in September 2015 with the norwegian art collective Verdensteatret.

"Hjem" is a joint adventure of constructing the soundscapes of mysterious clouds of harmonic and microtonal sounds. Acoustic instrumentation lost its human quality making machine-like sounds and computer imitated organ-like sounds and emitted cracked sounds of everyday life. The alchemic processes and procedures of working with the constituent parts reinforced by a beautifully conjured Toshimaru Nakamura's mix highlight the unique approach of each player to sound and their ability to build an organically sounding organism with unexpected turns.



16. jun. 2017
Katalognr. MIKROTONCD54
EAN 5056124611290
PPD 80,-
1. Hjem

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