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Life...but How To Live It?
Burn Green Live

LIFE…BUT HOW TO LIVE IT? are widely acknowledged as not only one of the finest bands to ever come out of Norway, but also one of the finest ever European hardcore punk bands in general. Formed in 1988 and eventually splitting up in 1994, in those six years the band recorded three albums, plus a couple of singles, and toured extensively throughout Europe. Their back catalogue is now highly sought after, with original albums selling for a premium. Boss Tuneage is thrilled to announce a complete reissue series of the entire LIFE BUT HOW TO LIVE IT? discography to be released in 2016!

Released in conjunction with the band (whose members can also be found in current Boss Tuneage bands DANGER!MAN and CASTRO) the final instalment of this series of four releases is a double vinyl collection of all other recorded tracks by the band - namely "Last Call" from the "Ugly" sessions, the "Burn Green" mini album singles comp of the two 7" plus extra tracks, the original first demo from 1988 and the entire final show from 1994! This is the first time on vinyl for 20 of the 26 tracks included!!

Boss Tuneage


27. mai 2016
Katalognr. BTRSV031
EAN 6894921731112
PPD 170,-
1. Last Call
2. Green
3. Should Have Known Better
4. Burn
5. Travel
6. On Trial
7. Norwegian Wood
8. The Show Must Go On
9. Holes
10. For My Lover
11. Strength
12. Happy (Old Version)
13. Beautiful World
14. Washington Bullets
15. High Gear
16. No More Pity
17. Burn
18. Thinner
19. Ugly
20. On Trial
21. Life And How To Live It
22. Respond
23. Barefoot In The Snow
24. For My Lover
25. Hate The Police
26. Norwegian Wood

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