Lola Colt - Away From The Water

Lola Colt
Away From The Water

'Away From The Water' is the highly anticipated debut album from London six piece Lola Colt. Produced by Bad Seed Jim Sclavunos.

Hailed as one of London's most exciting and captivating live bands by fans and critics alike, this six-piece have been taking audiences by storm. Their shows have been described as "a spellbinding and dramatic experience with both sonic and visual intensity" and they make certain every show feels like a special event.

Crystallising their breathtaking live experience into physical form has been an intense and challenging experience as Matt explains "Our music is pure escapism and the thought of recording it felt strangely like trying to put up walls around a dream. What we strived to create is a timeless record that takes the listener on a journey to a different place with each listen".

Fuzz Club


27. okt. 2014
Katalognr. FC20V12
EAN 5060366781260
PPD 100,-


27. okt. 2014
Katalognr. FC20CD
EAN 5060366781147
PPD 75,-

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