Magnus Bugge - Iteration

Magnus Bugge

Review by J Simpson:

«I don’t really know what depths of the abyss Magnus went to in order to extract these fine selections of electronic emotions… But I can try to at least shed some light on this release that might prove to be of some value to you.

First off, imagine Magnus jacked in to some sort of man-machine-matrix. Diving deep into the chaos that lies within, and coming back with hidden treasures from the void. This whole procedure took place sometime during the late Norwegian summer of 2015, in a small apartment in the middle of Oslo. Once the formula was found, it did not take long before the raw material was ready to be put together as an album.

The precious cargo was then brought to my home studio at the other side of town. Magnus still did most of the work; I merely acted as an overseer and co-pilot of this delicate process. Finally the music was turned into gold by Cato Langnes at an undisclosed studio somewhere in this cold city. At least, so I’ve been told.

Now, I feel a little like a magician revealing the secrets behind a magic trick. But these tracks are not tricks, they are as plain as the day, yet somehow they retain the magic of the night. That’s a clue right there. Day and night, interior and exterior, movement and stagnation.

Iteration is about movement despite standing still. Being stuck, but slowly getting to that other place. Changing, without anyone noticing. Turning into a ruin of your former you, shedding your skin, and becoming the next iteration of yourself.»



21. jul. 2017
Katalognr. DRD008
PPD 90,-
1. Decay
2. Deep Time
3. Iteration
4. Skyglow
5. Indifferent
6. Ennui
7. We Are The Dead
8. You Are The Dead

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