Monumentum - The Killer Is Me

The Killer Is Me

Monumentum came to life in 2010 in a small city called Fauske, drawing from the members’ shared love of all things slow and distorted. The small city above The Arctic Circle in the north of Norway has midnight sun during the summer, and bleak darkness the rest of the year; an ideal setting to create slow and sludgy music. Through the years, Norway has become a mainstay in delivering heavy and groundshaking music to the world, a tradition kept alive and well with the recording debut of the three-headed monster called Monumentum. The band draws their influence from such acts as Black Sabbath, Sleep, Kyuss, Weedeater, Melvins, Truckfighters and Motorhead, all together with innovative riffs and gut-wrenching vocals. Monumentum have shared stages with the likes of Horisont, Vidunder and Warp Riders and their debut contains some of their most focused and furious material!

The band is according to Metal Hammer Norway “led by a massive hulk of a vocalist/guitarist” and plays “brutal, sludgy, slow and rumbling riffs”. Utropia in Tromsø wrote that Monumentum “occupies a nifty place between full-on Heavy Metalesque Doom and something groovier and dirtier (…)” and “drawing everyone else into a decadent dance where sweat, beer and yes, even the occasional tear, mix into the tastiest of all cocktails: Rock and Fucking Roll”.

Blues For The Red Sun


22. jan. 2016
Katalognr. BFTRS004CD
PPD 75,-


22. jan. 2016
Katalognr. BFTRS004LP
PPD 90,-


22. jan. 2016
Katalognr. BFTRS004LTDLP
PPD 100,-
1. Noose
2. Whore
3. Fiend And Foe
4. Killer Me

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