Saccades - Saccades


Nicholas Wood is a Berlin-based musician who’s best known for making up one-half of well known synth/post-punk duoThe KVB. Following a break in The KVB’s busy touring schedule, Nick spent the last summer working on a solo album under the moniker ‘Saccades’ and Fuzz Club are delighted to have signed the project for its self-titled debut, officially released July 28th. These new tracks mark a distinct difference from Nick’s other musical endeavours, ditching the dark post-punk synths for a dive into wholesome and totally immersive psychedelic pop.

Fuzz Club

White LP

28. jul. 2017
Katalognr. FC69V12
EAN 5060467883412
PPD 125,-


28. jul. 2017
Katalognr. FC69CD
EAN 5060467883429
PPD 50,-
1. Distant Sea
2. Bleeding Colours
3. Elusive Dream
4. Crying Land
5. Gone Too Soon
6. In And Out
7. Know My Name
8. Running Wild
9. Red
10. Cigales
11. Early Rise Again
12. High Drift

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