Shakma - House Of Possession

House Of Possession

6/6 Scream Magazine

Duplicate Records proudly present Haugesund, Norway's SHAKMA. Taking their lyrical inspiration from 80s horror B-movies, it should come as no surprise that their music too is deeply rooted in the decade when speed and thrash metal ruled the underground. Their influences may be obvious, but there is nothing "B", or redundant about SHAKMA, as their ferocious debut is like a fresh blade through your already broken neck (from headbanging)! Enter the House Of Possession!

Duplicate Records


23. feb. 2018
Katalognr. DUPLO74LP
PPD 120,-
1. Blood Ritual
2. The Mummy's Curse
3. Spectres Of Death
4. Deadly Spawn
5. Midnight Mass
6. House Of Possession
7. Ruthless Defiler
8. Knife Of The Prowler
9. Into The Fiery Death
10. Night Of The Coven

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