Singapore Sling - Tower Of Foronicity

Singapore Sling
Tower Of Foronicity

Sometimes you need to burrow through the darkness of your soul to find the light in your life. This album is definitely dark at times, but through it all, it comes with a sense of release and freedom' - Levitation Magazine

The return of Icelandic Singapore Sling is upon us with their seventh studio album, recorded in the winter of 2011-2012 titled ‘The Towers of Foronicity’.

Twelve tracks of that dark, moody and broody sound that we all have come to know so well. It’s like a surrealistic dream sequence out of a David Lynch movie. Walls and walls of sound, layered between darkness and light.

The album contains some of the bands best songs to date, including the opening track “You Drive Me Insane” with it’s thump coming at you, it’ll have you tasting the blood (of Singapore Sling) immediately.

Fuzz Club


15. nov. 2014
Katalognr. FC017V12
EAN 81916017432
PPD 100,-


15. nov. 2014
Katalognr. FC017CD
EAN 5060366781413
PPD 75,-

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