Suicide Bombers - Murder Couture

Suicide Bombers
Murder Couture

SUiCiDE BOMBERS is a four piece Hard Rock band from Oslo, Norway. A tight group of skilled musicians, delivering a total rock'n'roll package, with a main focus on great quality music and a do-or-die like entertainment intensity.

Their fourth album, MURDER COUTURE, is their sexiest album to date. Dripping with sleazy Rock'n'Roll and presented in the impeccable style one has come to associate with the SUiCiDE BOMBERS.

Available on CD and Black 180g Vinyl

Suicide Records


25. okt. 2019
Katalognr. 062019
EAN 7041889508112
PPD 75,-


25. okt. 2019
Katalognr. 072019
EAN 7041889508129
PPD 125,-
1. Intro: The Murder Couture Suite
2. Murder Couture
3. Kings & Queens
4. So Bad
5. Love Disasters
6. Night That Never Ends
7. We Don't Negotiate With Terrorists
8. End of the Story
9. Worlds Without End
10. Sleepless Elite
11. Madman

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