Suicide Bombers - Suicide Idols

Suicide Bombers
Suicide Idols

SUiCiDE BOMBERS is a four piece Hard Rock band from Oslo, Norway.

A tight group of skilled musicians, delivering a total rock'n'roll package, with a main focus on great quality music and a do-or-die like entertainment intensity.

Their third album, SUiCiDE iDOLS, is a divine transmission, the first truly holy album ever made. It stands above and beyond any criticism and can not be touched by man nor deities. A shining beacon in the wastelands of false prophets and their gods.

Suicide Records


25. okt. 2019
Katalognr. 102019
EAN 7041889508143
PPD 125,-
1. Intro: A Divine Transmission
2. Suicide Idol
3. Ready For Tonight
4. Next World War
5. Never Gonna Change
6. We Got Tonight
7. Keep An Eye On You
8. Generation Kill
9. Sex Star Icon
10. Waiting
11. Just One Fuck
12. Outro: ...Over & Motherfucking Out (Part 3)

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