Suicide Bombers - The Sex Tapes

Suicide Bombers
The Sex Tapes

SUiCiDE BOMBERS is a four piece Hard Rock band from Oslo, Norway. A tight group of skilled musicians, delivering a total rock'n'roll package, with a main focus on great quality music and a do-or-die like entertainment intensity.

The mini- album, The SEX TAPES, is an unbroken stream of music and soundbites, giving the listener the opportunity to appreciate the full scope of the complete work, and dive into "the best movie never made," or focus on the songs one-by-one, like on a conventional record. Pure Rock'n'Roll Innovation!

Suicide Records


25. okt. 2019
Katalognr. 082019
EAN 7041889508136
PPD 125,-
1. Intro: The Sex Tapes / Tokyo, Japan - Midnight
2. Bladerunner (Tokyo Nights)
3. Intro: Los Angeles, California, USA
4. iKill (Suicide Romeo)
5. Intro: The Orion Nebula
6. Planets Collide
7. Intro: Oslo, Norway
8. X.i. Thing
9. Intro: Moscow, Russia
10. Boyfriend (Sha-La-La)
11. Intro: Backstreet Island - The Night Before
12. Devolicious Boys
13. Outro: The Sex Tapes /...over & motherfucking out!

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