Superlynx - LVX


Duplicate Records presents a new, unique take on heavy music from the cold heart of Oslo, Norway. Combining slow, fuzzy dirges with entrancing chant like vocals, Superlynx invoke a dreamlike atmosphere. The band is first and foremost influenced by the love of great music, be it doom, stoner, metal, psychedelic rock or old blues and jazz. Superlynx has existed since early 2013. After recording some demos and playing a bunch of gigs the band went into the studio with Ole Jørgen "Apollyon" Moe (Lamented Souls, Aura Noir, Immortal etc.), who recorded and mixed the entire album. The band has shared stages with bands like The Wounded Kings, Grave Pleasures, The Moth, Pyramido, Walk Through Fire etc. and are rapidly builiding a name as a great live act. Members of the Superlynx pack have also been involved in Nephila, Dødheimsgard, Midnattsvrede, Skitliv, Loveplanet, Aghast Manor, Nebelhexe, Gate to Khaos and the Sinister movie score. Ltd. to 400 copies on black vinyl, sleeve in matte stock carton with silver pantone print, and printed innersleeve. Ltd. to 500 copies on jewelcase CD with silver pantone print booklet. Press: "The trio delivers some of the most raw doom, sludge and psych. You can't miss this album!" 8/10 – Metal hammer Norway

"Amazing psychedelic doom. Enjoy superlynx’ fabulous debut album lvx." – Doom heart

"The norwegians of superlynx offer us atmospheric doom perfectly orchestrated with guitars that are literally acidic. But the master instrument of the group is undoubtedly the voice of Pia Isaksen who continues to haunt me after each listen to “LVX”." – Planete du Stoner rock 2nd best album 0f 2016 – Planete du Stoner rock

"Subtle female vocals, rough riffs, and a cosmic feeling to the whole work." – Stoned union doomed

4/5 – Stormbringer Heavyzine

The 100 best Albumsof 2016: # 39: Superlynx - LVX – Metal hammer Norway

Duplicate Records


10. mar. 2017
Katalognr. DUPLO70LP
PPD 100,-
1. Center Of The Sun
2. Silver One
3. Vapour
4. Funeral Dress
5. Throwing Fire
6. Elixir
7. Brilliance
8. The Shake
9. Huntress

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