The Holy Mountain - Toad of Light

The Holy Mountain
Toad of Light

In their debut studio album Toad of light, The Holy Mountain reflects upon the eternal nature of the universe and the isolated man by combining cinematic aesthetics with minimalistic musical themes. The four part psychedelic experience has a distinctive, refined and abrasive sound inspired by the dystopian sci-fi visions of John Carpenter, Philip Glass and Daft Punk. This LP release features cover art by the legendary comic book artist Phillippe Druillet and is complemented by a short film directed by Marius Rolfsvåg.

Shh Puma


03. aug. 2018
Katalognr. SHH040LP
EAN 5609063800401
PPD 100,-
1. Adoration of the moon
2. They Live
3. Celestial City
4. Night Toads palace

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