The Third Sound - Gospels Of Degeneration

The Third Sound
Gospels Of Degeneration

The Third Sound's new album Gospels of Degeneration shows a shift in style for the group, having toned down the shimmery psychedelia in favour of something a little cleaner. That’s not to say this is a barren sounding album at all, it’s still hypnotically layered with country-kissed reverb, and retains those itching guitar riffs that will keep whispering through your mind for hours after listening.

Fuzz Club


22. apr. 2016
Katalognr. FC38V12
EAN 5060467880848
PPD 100,-
1. We Got All You Need,
2. Charlatan
3. You Are Not Here
4. Hole In My Heart
5. Before There Was You
6. Never Catch Her Again
7. Oblivion Express
8. Shake Them All Down
9. Spiraling Downfall,
10. Feels Alright

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