Torgny - Cut & Run

Cut & Run

Inspired by punk, hip hop and folk, the former hardcore singer Torgny delivers expressive energy and heartfelt aggression, but also escapist melancholy and beautiful electronic gems with singer Maria Due. Dynamic, original and surprising – "Cut & Run» is a must hear and see! Co-produced by Per Vigmostad. 180 gram vinyl.

«Poised, personal and artful» (Clash Magazine). "Shaped by the raw energy and DIY spirit of the hardcore/punk scene, Oslo singer/songwriter Torgny’s musical point of view has eschewed fleeting musical fads and trends.» (Bigshot Magazine) LSD 9. Elegy For Hassan

Telemachus Records


19. mai 2017
Katalognr. TR001
EAN 9008798228065
PPD 125,-
1. Ghost
2. Peacock (feat. Maria Due)
3. Sunday Rain
4. Storm Chaser (feat. Maria Due)
5. Dreams
6. All The Scars
7. Into The Night (feat. Maria Due)
8. LSD
9. Elegy For Hassan

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