Ty Segall - Fanny LTD Picture Disc

Ty Segall
Fanny LTD Picture Disc

Aagoo Records, an independent record label in New Jersey, is proud to announce the release of Ty Segall’s "Fanny" — a psychedelic ode to his dog — on standard 7" and limited-edition picture disc editions.

Not only does Segall’s single feature various cover and insert art painted by Segall himself, but the track in three different forms: the demo, a revved-up “sketch” and a live recording from San Diego, California.

Each side of the picture disc features a yellow dog face painted by Segall, from his acrylic painting "Goopy Poodle". Stare at it long enough: it’s oddly comforting! And the "Fanny" 7" is for a canine cause: all proceeds will go to animal rescue organizations NKLA and Mighty Mutts, which are dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating the strays of Los Angeles and New York. It’s a tribute to our canine friends only Segall could make.


Picture Disc 7"

16. nov. 2018
Katalognr. AGO109
EAN 755874004585
PPD 55,-
1. Fanny Original Demo
2. Acoustic San Diego
3. Fanny Sketch

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