Virus - Oblivion Clock MLP

Oblivion Clock MLP

VIRUS are a Norwegian experimental rock/metal trio that have gained widespread acclaim through their albums and live shows since their very beginning in the early 00s. Taking inspiration from artists as diverse as Voivod, Scott Walker, Talking Heads, Link Wray and Venom to name a few, and building upon band leader / songwriter Czral's forays with his former band Ved Buens Ende, VIRUS have created a genre all of their own that is as quirky and weird as it is completely addictive.

Following 3 critically acclaimed full-length albums, the band's 2012 mini-album Oblivion Clock now gets the vinyl treatment. Basically an EP of outtakes from their albums with three bonus tracks, and originally released on digi CD for their 2012 european tour.

Duplicate Records


17. jul. 2015
Katalognr. DUPLO55LP
PPD 115,-
1. Oblivion Clock
2. Inverted Escape
3. The Pull Of The Crater
4. Gaslight Exit
5. Saturday Night Virus
6. Seen In The Sediments
7. Shutout

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