Brutal Blues - Brutal Blues

Brutal Blues
Brutal Blues

Are you ready for 100% authentic deluxe delta blues from Mississippi? Too bad, because Brutal Blues is a grind band from Norway. This duo consists of Steinar (PSUDOKU, Parlamentarisk Sodomi, BxSxRx) on guitar/vocals and Anders (Blodsprut, MoHa!, Noxagt, Ultralyd) on drums/vocals. This is modern and raw grind and those familiar with their past bands expect nothing less. 2 colour screen printed cover on silver foil paper. Screen printed PVC sleeve. Clear vinyl. Co-released with Nerve Altar.

Drid Machine Records


13. jun. 2014
Katalognr. DMR16
EAN 7041889501700
PPD 85,-
1. Skjold
2. Rett
3. Stafett
4. Medalje
5. Tradisjon
6. Alminneleg Utsegn

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