Cashmere Cat - Wedding Bells

Cashmere Cat
Wedding Bells

Cashmere Cat - Norwegian artist Magnus August Hoiberg, who has worked with pop hit-maker Benny Blanco - releases his first EP for LuckyMe. It's very accomplished work, every beat and electronic contortion bursting with character. The expressive waves of autotune and electro thump of previous single 'With Me' give way to the stuttering rhythms of 'Pearls' and the feather-light drip of 'Rice Rain'. Title track 'Wedding Bells' is the standout though, sultry voices and shiny, delicate production mixing with the thick low-end of 000s hip hop for infectious results.



11. feb. 2014
Katalognr. LUCK18.1
PPD 50,-
1. With Me
2. Pearls
3. Wedding Bells
4. Rice Rain

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