Duvel - Duvel


Fysisk Format


18. jun. 2021
Katalognr. FY151LP
EAN 7041889510535
PPD 125,-
1. Church Bells
2. Hong Kong Sex Toy Store
3. All Out On You
4. Human
5. U
6. Rooftops
7. Broken Bottles
8. Elephant Island
9. Eals

All songs written by Duvel, recorded and produced by Morten Øby and Duvel in Taakeheimen lydrike 2019/2020.

Front cover photo by Linnea Vestre, feat. Aron Fali Valdes.
Back cover photo by Emil Vestre. Graphic design by Eivind André Imingen.
Mixed by Morten Øby in Taakeheimen lydrike.
Mastered by Brian Lucy at Magic Garden Mastering.
A big thank you to everyone who’s contributed with money, your bodies and hours.
Free Aron

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