Feilfødt - Premium


Feilfødt is a metallic punkrock band from Smestad, Oslo, Norway. They are infamous for their hell-ish liveshows, which usually include a lot of naked men, blood, and shattered glass everywhere. In December 2007, after ten years together, they finally released a record. This was entitled "Vi er søppel" ("We're garbage/rubbish/trash") and included 17 tracks of unrelented mayhem - songs about the Una bomber, Smestad, whiskey, filthy rich guy John Fredriksen, and Halloween. This is their new record. 4 songs of premium punk rock!



21. des. 2012
Katalognr. SHF03
EAN 7041889500963
PPD 30,-
1. Multidisc Boxset Terror
2. 10000 Maur
3. Representerer Grans
4. 2 år

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