JEGONG is the amalgamation of two distinct forces within post-rock and heavy music, Dahm Majuri Cipolla, drummer of MONO (Japan) & Watter, and Reto Mäderof Sum Of R. Together the pair is readying their debut longplayer I for release on October 20th via Berlin-based Pelagic Records, helmed by members of beloved post-metallers The Ocean. Bursting with new ideas while tipping their hat to legends of yore, the duo’s energies focus on the crossroads between Krautrock, ambient and post-rock, bringing to mind acts ranging from Ash Ra Tempel, GAS, Cluster, Mogwai and more while blazing trails with their electronic-forward approach.

Pelagic Records


16. okt. 2020
Katalognr. PEL153LP
PPD 150 NOK,-
Side A
Sowing Dragons Teeth
Sir Bell
Frames Of Reference

Side B
Ghost City
The Great Return Of An Escaped Spirit
Black Monk Lurking

Side C
Stable Off
Relying Relying Relying
Faces Of Earth

Side D
Hollow White Star
Spirit, The Horse
3 People, A Donkey And 2 Souls
Everything Is Empty (Visible)

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