Juxtaposition - Juxtaposition


Juxtaposition is a studio work of four Oslo based improvisers recorded in the spring of 2016. Various timbres of opposite extremes – as a result of each musicians' different approach and background – coexist without hierarchical restrictions. Having that in mind, the mixing process played a crucial role to deliver a concrete body of equalitarian sonic output. Without compromise, these moments of joy and pain, screams, feedback and bird sounds are layered on top of each, creating a non-hierarchical, juxtaposed mesh of both organic, generated and pre-recorded sounds.

Nakama Records


22. sep. 2017
Katalognr. NKM012MC
EAN 7090040250230
PPD 50,-
1. Correttivo
2. Pakistansk Mango
3. Revolver
4. Juxtaposition
5. 1000 poeng
6. Enkle Løsninger Og Fugler
7. Trost

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