Kefeider - Podium


Kefeider took Norway by surprise in 2019 when the band's first EP, «Since You Asked», was described as «top quality country pop» and generated plenty of air play on NRK P3, P13 and P1.

Produced by Øyvind Blomstrøm (Orions Belte, Monica Heldal) “Podium” is an uncompromising record with roots in both indie rock and Nordic Americana with a smooth and comfortable sound tweaked by Matias Tellez (Young Dreams) and a handful of Norway's top musicians.

Blanca Records


13. mar. 2020
Katalognr. OHI21D
EAN 7041889508938
PPD 150,-
1. Hurts A Little
2. Don Quijote
3. The Waiting Room
4. Reveal The Method
5. Not Me, I Swear
6. Terms Of Probation
7. All You Want I Want, Is Something To Fight For
8. You Keep On Waiting
9. Podium
10. You're Not Your Kid
11. Moskvitch
12. Long-Awaited Rain
13. The First To Expire When The Power Goes Out

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