Kite - The All Penetrating Silence

The All Penetrating Silence

It has been 9 yars since KITEs last release - "the hook, the line, the sinker" ( 2009), an artistic break where the busy bandmembers' other band projects (Tombstones, Dunderbeist, Team Me++) has been given priority.

Now the heavy trio is up and running again, and 2018 sees KITE back at it full throttle, stronger and heavier than ever, withtheir new EP recording "the all penetrating silence".

The 4 track EP will be released as a 140gram black 12" vinyl in a beautiful 350g carton cover, plus released digitally on all platforms through british Sludgelord Records and their solid international promo network.

The result is a splendid hybrid somewhere in the landscape post hardcore meets stoner/sludge metal; dark, eerie and heavy, still massively groovy and melodic.

60/40 Records


10. aug. 2018
Katalognr. 152984
EAN 7041889506880
PPD 100,-
1. The all penetrating silence
2. Entropic ruin
3. Pissingwell
4. Sin beyond sin

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