Sonic Jesus - Neither Vitrue Nor Anger

Sonic Jesus
Neither Vitrue Nor Anger

A four sided epic of industrial darkness, Neither Virtue Nor Anger rippled through the underground gaining critical acclaim from Consequence of Sound, The Quietus, Drowned In Sound, Clash Music, and Exclaim! giving the Italian duo near-deity status among fans and contemporaries.

Sonic Jesus say the album represents 50 years of music, and critics have noted many influences among the guitar laden electronica and fuzz: industrial noise, post punk, folk, glam rock, heavy metal, calypso and more ‘traditional’ new psych sounds such as psychedelia, blues and shoegaze.

But rather than sounding like a schizophrenic pastiche, Neither Virtue Nor Anger has been praised as a rich and masterful creation.

If Sonic Jesus are the unbridled new future - modern, raw, experimental and forward looking - then it’s a future we want to be part of.

Fuzz Club


16. apr. 2015
Katalognr. FC32V12
EAN 5060366782632
PPD 125,-


16. apr. 2015
Katalognr. FC32CD
EAN 5055869502177
PPD 75,-
1. Locomotive
2. Thriump
3. Reich
4. Sweet Suicide
5. Dead
6. Lost Reprise
7. Paranoid Palace
8. Drift 22
9. Monkey On My Back
10. Whore Is Death
11. My Lunacy
12. Luxury
13. Cancer
14. Telegraph
15. Underground
16. Kali Yuga

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