Sunface - Observatory


Sunface is a band from the woods of Akershus, Norway that plays heavy and melodic music.

The band released the album Observatory, in December 2016. Which was well received locally and internationally. It was placed 18# on the Doom Charts the same month. With a wall of speaker cabinets, fuzz pedals, hard hitting and groovy drums, Sunface is keeping the spirit of the 60's and 70's alive in a modern form. And with atmospheric melodies and heavy riffs hand in hand, Sunface delivers a great live experience, sure to bring audiences along for the trip.

"Heavy Spaced Out Stoner Riffs that contains a mighty fine selection of heavy moments."

- Outlaws Of The Sun

"Sunface fill every nook and cranny of "Observatory" with dark swirling swathes of doom-tinted refrains, supported by complex rhythmic patterns and gnarly bass lines, that are then coated in gloriously gothic type vocal melodies that although are not always an easy listen are nonetheless a rewarding one."

- Desert Psychiclist

Strange Dudes Records


14. jul. 2017
Katalognr. SDR0116
EAN 5060507762653
PPD 90,-
1. Tower of the Sun
2. Observatory
3. The Meteor pt.01
4. Garden of Lanterns (Tower of the Sun Revisited)
5. Beyond
6. Ancient Astronaut

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