The Underground Youth - Fuzz Club Session

The Underground Youth
Fuzz Club Session

Berlin post-punks The Underground Youth have been Fuzz Club favourites since before the label was even born. During a tour in support of their eighth LP ‘What Kind Of Dystopian Hellhole Is This?’ we brought Craig Dyer and co. to Lovebuzz Productions in Bermondsey to be the next addition to our Fuzz Club Sessions series. Seeing as we’ve spent the last few years releasing or reissuing their entire back-catalogue, we figured it was about to time to drag them in for a session

As with all Fuzz Club Sessions, the LP was recorded live in one take and straight to 2” tape, using only the finest analogue equipment and see’s their beautifully haunting psychedelic post-punk sound even more raw and impassioned than before.

Fuzz Club


10. nov. 2017
Katalognr. FCS04
EAN 5060467883603
PPD 110,-
1. Strangle Up My Mind
2. Hope & Pray
3. Morning Sun
4. The Rules Of Attraction
5. Your Sweet Love

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