Urgehal / Sarkom - Maatte Blodet Flomme / Disintergrate Split

Urgehal / Sarkom
Maatte Blodet Flomme / Disintergrate Split

2 exclusive tracks from URGEHAL and SARKOM – sharing this awesome Picture Disc 7’’ EP package! URGEHAL offers a re-recording of «Maatte Blodet Flomme», originally featured on the “Arma Christi” album from ’97. Recorded in URGEHAL’s rehearsehell 2011 with crisp and killer sound! SARKOM performs the exclusive track “Disintegrate”! This quality Picture Disc 7’’ EP comes housed in a thick regular 7’’ EP cover/ jacket.

This is the 2nd pressing of 500 copies we do of this picture disc 7''EP that we originally released a few years back. The intention was always to release it in 1000 copies in total, but we did 500 copies to start with that sold out quite fast and the 2nd pressing has always been pushed back because of other releases being a priority. Now we finally got our shit together and did the last 500 copies. For you vinyl-collectors: There are no difference on the 1st press and 2nd press since the idea was always to do this one in 1000 copies.

NOTE: While the first 500 EP's was in production at the press-plant news struck that founder and original URGEHAL-member Trondr Nefas was found dead. In a last minute decision the remaining members of URGEHAL decided to include a memorial poster which you will find with each copy of this EP. A fold-out quality poster in remembrance of a true Nekromisantrop!

Apocalyptic Empire


09. apr. 2015
Katalognr. APOCALYPSE029EP
PPD 25,-

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